Aim of the project:


To get upstream of the threats created by identity exploitation and illicit online technics by raising awareness and promoting identity management strategies.


VISIT objectives

  • Complement and support EU fraud prevention strategies by raising awareness of initiatives and services
  • Employ existing awareness and prevention technics to provide impartial advice to victims and potential victims of Identity Theft
  • Raise awareness of and the benefits of identity management with non-specialist law enforcement officers to improve law enforcement agency responses to preventing identity theft
  • Complement and support plans to assist small and medium sized businesses as well as individual citizens to be more aware of the threats and to change their behaviors
  • Create a multiplier effect by engaging with a wide range of stakeholders transnationally to disseminate awareness and prevention best practice

VISIT activities

  • Conduct a scoping exercise to establish current Identity Theft resource materials available in the EU
  • Raise awareness amongst non-specialist LEA personnel regarding stakeholders involved in identity management strategies
  • Develop e-learning programmes to implement identity management strategies and help victims prevent the loss of and regain control of their identity.
  • Ensure compatibility of the e-learning programme with national strategies, processes and protocols, ensuring continuity with other Identity Theft prevention advice
  • Develop materials which are complementary to other fraud prevention strategies and that link to an on-line platform with appropriate capacity to deliver the e-learning programme
  • Develop systems and infrastructure to ensure the project is capable of expansion and transferable to other settings
  • Host annual conferences to bring together leading experts of identity management, LEAs and potential victims

VISIT partners

Project Lead
Result Group GmbH (Germany)

Result Group is one of the world‘s leading risk and crisis management consultancies. Result Group has a unique relationship with the police, working closely with regional, national & transnational Law Enforcement Agencies, LEAs. It has has strong experience in successfully delivering EU funded projects & has previously partnered with various international partners.

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Guarda Nacional Republicana (Portugal)

Guarda Nacional Republicana (POR) origins date back to 1801, at which time the Guarda Real de Polícia (Royal Police Guard) was created, is a Security Force constituted by military elements that are organized in a Special Body of Troops, which actively and permanently veil for the execution of the law and are dedicated to the security and public order maintenance cause as well as to the protection and defence of the people and their goods.

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Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Founded in 1808, it was not before 1969 that the government of Schleswig-Holstein had merged three separate colleges – the college of technology and seafaring, the college of construction and the college of engineering, into Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (FHL).

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University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

University of Jyväskylä (FIN) is a nationally and internationally significant research university and an expert on education that focuses on human and natural sciences. The Faculty of Information Technology of the University of Jyväskylä consisting of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and the Department of Mathematical Information Technology is one of the biggest providers of university IT education in Finland.

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