The Golden Rules to protect yourself

  • Protect your personal and fiscal Identification
  • Protect your other personal information – minimize the amount of information you communicate
  • Review your Credit Reports
  • Purchase a cross cut shredder and use it
  • Reduce your exposure to postal mail theft
  • Practice computer and internet safety
  • Be cautious at cash machines
  • Opt out of sharing your information
  • Keep a copy of your personal documents
  • Review your financial statements frequently
  • Destroy your PC’s hard drive before discarding
  • Be careful with returning product warranty information
  • Use privacy screens
  • If offers sound too good for you, don’t take them
  • Watch out for skimming devices
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Use credit restrictions/freezes
  • Stay informed about new modus operandi/Identity Theft practices
  • If you are a victim – report it.

ID stolen? We can help!

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