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IHK Dresden – theft and misuse of identity data

Published on 02 May 2017

Theft and misuse of identity data


IHK Dresden Cover Story: Dangers lurk everywhere
ihk.wirtschaft issue 5.2017

Identity theft article by Nils Retkowski (COO Result Group GmbH)

Title “Everyone can be affected”
When unauthorized third parties accept a person’s identity in order to disguise criminal activity, obtain fraudulent or financial benefits, sell the data of the person to interested parties, or discredit the rightful owner of the identity data, this is called identity theft.
Where are the dangers lurking?
What should I do?

Read the entire article online website Result Group GmbH (only available in German)


Published on 18 Apr 2017

E-Course on Oncampus


Identity theft: How to protect yourself correctly (VISIT)

Published on 27 Feb 2017

Portal for scientific online education oncampus GmbH of the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck about VISIT project.

Identitätsdiebstahl: So schützt du dich richtig! (VISIT)

Case from Finland

Published on 20 Jan 2017

The more recent story of a popular newspaper’s website recounts an identity theft case from Finland. In 2012 thieves broke into a person’s car, and stole purse with the documents. The person was advised to apply to self-block of credit applications in a bank, however, the block was active only for two years. Soon after that she noticed that there were loans granted on her name, the largest was 10.000 Euro.

Further, someone have used her identity to sign into a maternity hospital, and eventually child protection officers came to visit the person in question and enquired about her child (which she did not have). So, someone used her documents to give a birth. As a result three fraudsters were sentenced. The first one, 29 year-old woman, received a two-year and one-month prison sentence. In addition, the 21-year-old woman was sentenced to ten months in prison. The third accused, 33-year-old woman was sentenced to pay 50 day fines for forgery and three assistance fraud. In total they need to pay victim EUR 21 000 for moral damage, defamation and legal and other expenses.


Conference report on identity theft Cyber Academy

Published on 10 Nov 2016

Data sovereignty is lost

Cyber Academy GmbH, Berlin
At the Visit conference in Munich, organized by the Result Group, participants agreed that there had to be increased cooperation at all levels to combat identity theft. Last but not least, the legislature is required to provide more for the investigative authorities
To create opportunities.

Cyber Akademie Report Nr. 36 Konferenz Identitätsdiebstahl
Read the full report (only available in German)
Cyber Academy Report No. 36 Conference Identity Theft . Please refer to the Newsletter Archive of the Cyber Academy No. 36, report on page 3-4

Report in the Bavarian TV-station: Conference against Identity Theft

Published on 07 Nov 2016

On 3rd November 2016 the first international conference against Identity Theft “Does my identity still belong to you?” took place in Munich.
“Victim Support for Identity Theft” (VISIT) is an EU-funded project for the development of protection mechanisms against Identity Theft.
The Result Group GmbH in Germany is the leading partner of the international consortium consisting of four countries.

Twelve experts from Germany, Austria, Finland and Portugal presented informative and exciting speeches on the wide spectrum of Identity Theft at the VISIT conference. About 100 attendees were given insights into the topics of risk, threat and abuse, victim reports and perpetrators’ profiles, possibilities for prevention and future prospects.

At the VISIT conference the Bayerische Fernsehen interviewed two conference speakers, journalist Ms Tina Groll and Stephan Peters from the SCHUFA AG. The interviews were broadcasted on national television in the “Abendrundschau”.


Conference Report Identity Theft

Published on 07 Nov 2016

Against the digital carelessness

On November 3, 2016, the European Cooperation Project Visit (short for: Victim Support for Identity Theft) invited to a conference against identity theft. The international speakers on identity protection allowed the 100 participants in Munich to take a look beyond their own nose.

Identitätsdiebstahl Konferenz
©Britta Kalscheuer

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BR News reports on the International Conference Against Identity Theft

Published on 03 Nov 2016

Make debts with fake data News Bavarian Radio, Bavarian Television

November 3, 2018

The journalist Tina Groll has been the victim of identity theft – the scammers needed only their name and date of birth. Already every fifth in Germany should have experienced a data abuse. Affected and experts plead for more legal protection and education at the Munich International Conference against Identity Theft.

Read the entire article online (only available in German)

10th BfV / ASW safety conference in Berlin

Published on 29 Oct 2016

Jürgen Kempf Results Group GmbH reports on the VISIT project

10th BfV / ASW safety conference

On June 9, the 10th joint safety conference of the BfV and ASW Bundesverband took place in Berlin. The anniversary event with around 160 participants took place under the motto “New threats to information security and information sovereignty”.

“Identity Theft / Abuse in Europe”
Jürgen Kempf, Result Group (, representative of the EU project V.I.S.I.T. (Https://

Finland ahead of European partners

Published on 26 Jul 2016

Finland one first European countries to develop a specific legal frame for the misuse and / or theft of identity

Following a 2014 proposal on ID theft by the Finnish government, ID theft became law in Finland on the 4th September 2015. The aim of the ID theft law, HE 232/2014, is to meet the requirements arising from attacks against information systems (IS). HE 232/2014 addresses ID theft and a wide range of cybercriminal activities, including: The directive includes violation of the secrecy of communication (§3), aggravated communications secrecy violation (§4), interference with telecommunications (§5), aggravated interference with data traffic (§6), light interference with data traffic (§7), interference with information systems (§7a), aggravated interference with information systems (§7b), hacking (§8), and aggravated theft of information (§8a). ID theft is addressed in §9b of the Act and is defined as the unauthorized use of someone else’s personal or identification data or other similar data identifying the person by a third party causing financial harm or more than minor inconvenience to the person. In addition, it is also unlawful to use messages which can be associated with a subscriber or a user of service. For example, data collected in communication networks to transmit, distribute, or provide messages (e.g. IP addresses). An ID theft case is opened only following a complaint, for example, that another party is acting unlawfully in using a stolen, created, or administrated identity to mislead another party.