Identity Theft Case Study

A 34 year old man stole an identity, having a major medical treatment for free. The guy bought someone else’s patient information on the black market.

And this is how the case was discovered: Just married Walter Merdon (name changed) and his wife were trying to buy their first home together. „They told me ‚well you’ve got this major bill that has not been paid.“

The Merdons were denied a loan because of an outstanding medical bill for a heart procedure Craig never had. „It’s not me, and that’s all I could keep saying“ Walter said. That’s when he realized he was a victim of medical identity theft.  „I had no clue, at all, and for me that was the biggest shocker.“

And that’s the problem with this crime.  It can go undetected for years.

How to find out you are already a victim

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