Identity Theft Case Study

Mary Miller and her roommate Christine had met through mutual friends and became good friends themselves and moved together in one apartment. Sure, Mary thought it was a bit strange when Christine started to dress like her, and had her hair dyed and styled to match Mary’s. And when Christine got a matching tattoo on her arm, yes, a few alarm bells were probably clanging around somewhere in the back of Mary’s mind.


Still, their friendship and cohabitation continued on undaunted for a year. That all changed when Mary Miller got a call at work to bail Mary Miller out of jail.


Mary briefly entertained the idea that she might be Time copping herself, but tossed that out the window when investigators did some actual investigating and discovered that the ” Mary Miller ” in custody was actually Christine, who had been arrested on prostitution charges and had given Mary’s name and information to the police.

How to find out you are already a victim

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