Identity Theft Case Study

A 42 year old women in Italy got a phone call from a bank she had never heard of and the bank accountant said “Is this Nicola…? This is the Bank of …, and we want to know why you haven’t paid your 11,000 € bill to us.”


The lady answered: “I’m sorry, I’m running out now. You have the wrong name, the wrong number. I don’t know who you are.” And the woman said, “Wait a minute, is this your name and date of birth?” And of course, by then, the women started to get worried, and said, “What are you looking at?”


The bank employee said, “I’m looking at the billing statements that we have for you and your credit report. And so the 42 year old lady knew right away that she was victim of a fraud. When she ordered her credit reports she found out that over €50,000 worth of credit was stolen in her name. Later she had found out, that somebody stole her business card and identity card she was missing for a while. And the thieve spent all the money under her name, getting a credit card with the stolen ID.

How to find out you are already a victim

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