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Case from Finland

Published on 20 Jan 2017

The more recent story of a popular newspaper’s website recounts an identity theft case from Finland. In 2012 thieves broke into a person’s car, and stole purse with the documents. The person was advised to apply to self-block of credit applications in a bank, however, the block was active only for two years. Soon after that she noticed that there were loans granted on her name, the largest was 10.000 Euro.

Further, someone have used her identity to sign into a maternity hospital, and eventually child protection officers came to visit the person in question and enquired about her child (which she did not have). So, someone used her documents to give a birth. As a result three fraudsters were sentenced. The first one, 29 year-old woman, received a two-year and one-month prison sentence. In addition, the 21-year-old woman was sentenced to ten months in prison. The third accused, 33-year-old woman was sentenced to pay 50 day fines for forgery and three assistance fraud. In total they need to pay victim EUR 21 000 for moral damage, defamation and legal and other expenses.