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ASW Bundesverband Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft announces VISIT conference

Published on 30 Oct 2015

ASW Federal Association | Alliance for Security in Business e.V. informs its members about identity theft

ASW Newsletter 30.10.2015

Background report
Title: “Identity theft – starts with individuals and does not stop at companies”

Author: Stephan Lehmann, Result Group GmbH

“Even though the topic in Germany has increasingly come into the public eye, Germans – compared to, for example, the British, Chinese and Americans – are relatively unconscious when it comes to the actual protection of their own individual data a representative survey published in the ‘Harvard Business Review’ and shows that, generally speaking, the knowledge of sharing data and information – deliberately or unconsciously – is very low, with only 25 percent of respondents knowing that their data tracks indicate give their opinion and only 14 percent were aware that, for example, their previous internet use is recognizable2.
A project supported by the European Commission by January 2017 with partners from Germany, Portugal and Finland focuses particularly on the common weaknesses that are commonplace: private information (address, date of birth), financial data (bank and credit cards), mobile data carriers (Smart phones, tablets) and ICT-based data so that identities can be more effectively managed and protected. During the course of the project, it was found that there is still no uniform definition of the offense “identity theft” and thus the penalty is made more difficult. In addition, victims of this form of crime have the problem of substantiation, since the criminal act took place in and with their name.

In November 2016, the results of the project will be presented to the general public, bringing together ID management, law enforcement and ID theft experts to share best practices. In addition, current trends and measures to reduce identity theft in European partner countries will be analyzed to accelerate the dissemination of successful prevention models.

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